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Staying Safe Online With VoIP


Although internet safety is a lot better than it used to be (It’s Safer Internet Day on 11th Feb) in the olden days of dial-up modems, there are still online dangers that people and children can face. The technology used for VoIP gives you a bit more protect and means you are staying safe online.

A Secure Network

VoIP communications are usually installed on an existing computer network and there are certain security measures that will need to be tested by an IT company before they can go live with a VoIP system.

If there does happen to be any weak spots or vulnerabilities in an IT Network, then these should be picked up by the IT company as part of their usual test processes for any new hardware or software.

This is a good way of ensuring that an IT Network is safe and that any virus checkers and firewalls are up to date.

VoIP resellers are always bound to be asked if VoIP is secure, so by informing potential customers that their IT provider will need to provide adequate security and safety on their network, it should provide peace of mind.

Don’t Provide Personal Details In An Email

Sometimes the easiest way to get bank details or passwords is not to think up an elaborate scheme but just to ask.

If you’ve ever received an email claiming to be from HRMC or Amazon asking you to reply and submit personal details, you will have seen these brazen attempts to get your information.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that reputable companies will not ask for any passwords, bank details or other personal information via an email.

Indeed, Gareth Lloyd, who is in charge of the HMRC’s digital security was quoted as saying:

“HMRC never contacts customers who are due a tax refund via email – we always send a letter through the post.”

“If you receive an email claiming to be from HMRC which offers a tax rebate, please send it to and then delete it permanently.”

Suspicious Calls From So-Called Banks

Similar to the fraudulent emails claiming to be from HMRC or Amazon, there has been an increase from calls claiming to be your bank asking for online banking details or bank card numbers.

These are calls that will often be an unknown number but can sound convincing if you don’t know what to look out for.

The main thing to remember is that banks or building societies will never phone you asking for online bank or bank card details.

So, no matter how convincing they sound don’t be scared to push back on what they are asking for.

If you have even the tiniest doubt about who they claim to be then hang up and contact your bank through a number you know to be correct.

Any bank cards or bank statements will usually have a legitimate telephone contact number on them.

Most VoIP systems are able to record phone conversations, which would be handy if you did happen to fall prey to a telephone scam and wish to provide the call details to your bank or the police.

Staying Safe Online By Changing Passwords

We know what it’s like, you just want to find out how much your mobile bill is going to be online, but you can’t remember the password you set up 4 years ago, so give up.

It’s very easy to just use one password for all of your online activity and while it is convenient, it is like a red rag to a bull for online hackers and scam artists.

They will know that if they can get just one password from you then they are likely to be able to use that password to get into several of your online accounts.

So, while it may be a pain to have to use different passwords for different accounts and applications, it could save you a lot of stress and money in the long run.

Most larger companies will have processes to ensure that all users regularly change their passwords.

But, if a customer of a smaller company has just signed up for a new VoIP communications solution, then they may have one password, for all company accounts and shared between half a dozen people.

This could cause huge problems at a later stage, so suggest that they mention this to their IT provider to save them a lot of trouble!

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Staying safe online with VoIP is one way of making sure that personal and financial details are not left in the hands of hackers.

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