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The Big Switch Off

For the last five years, BT has been warning businesses and householders about the “the big switch off” of traditional telephone lines which will happen in 2025. What does it mean? and should you be worried?

BT will switch off all analogue and ISDN telephone lines in the UK by the end of 2025, with the intention that all users of these services will switch to either VoIP or mobile services. As far as anyone can tell, most (but by no means all) businesses have already moved to VoIP services and they have no reason to be concerned. Everyone else will need to plan on replacing their systems, but here is plenty of time for that. There is no need for any alarm.

We are seeing heavy advertising by many telecoms service providers who are injecting an unnecessary sense of urgency and worry into the situation. They all want you to make commitments to change now and, of course, they want you to sign new contracts with them. Our advice is to ignore them and to make plans at your own pace on your own terms.

There are over 1,000 suppliers of VoIP solutions in the UK. There is no shortage of supply. Any of our sales partners can easily replace a customer’s analogue or ISDN services with a fully functional VoIP solution within two weeks.

The only case for switching early is if you have other reasons such as: a desire to save money, or a need for new capabilities, or a contract expiring, or dissatisfaction with your current supplier.

Changing to a VoIP system will almost certainly reduce your monthly running costs and will certainly enable you to work more flexibly. So, don’t hold back if you are out of contract, but take your time to research the options.

If you are concerned about the analogue switch off or the ISDN switch off, then contact one of our customer service advisors for a friendly conversation with no sales pressure. You can call us on 033 0088 1182 or start a Whatsapp chat with us by clicking the button on our home page.