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The History of Telephony

The History of Telephony

The History of Telephony- Infographic Transcript

The Early Years

1876- The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell after he gained a patent of it earlier that year.

1915- Alexander Graham Bell makes the first transcontinental call from New York to Thomas Watson in San Francisco

1919- Bell’s system companies starts to install rotary dial telephones with central offic batteries used for power instead of local ones.

Telephones Go Globals

1946- First commercial mobile phones installed but they were anything but mobile, weighing a huge amount and normally used only by reporters, truck fleets and utility companies

1951- Direct Distance Dialling first offered on trial basis in New Jersey, to 11 selected major cities across the United Sates. This service grew throughout the 1950s.

1956 First transatlantic phone call between Scotland and Canada. Use soon rapidly grew between the rest of the UK, US and Canada.

New Ideas, New Tech

1963- Touch-tone telephone introduced by American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) replacing rotary phones.

1973- Motorola produced the first portable mobile phone and he first call was made by one of it’s researchers, Martin Cooper.

1991- The internet becomes publicly available but it’s popularity didn’t start to grow till the later 1990s where it would be essential for new telephony

The Rise Of VoIP

1995- The first internet phone software appears by Vocaltec

2003- Skype launches, creating a network of people rather than businesses around the globe using VoIP

2007- The Apple Iphone was introduced, one of the first smartphones with a multi touch interface.

The Future of Phones

With new technology and ideas, VoIP has become the telephony of choice in an ever changing marketplace, both for businesses and consumers there is so much potential in what these systems can do that the sky’s the limit or should we say the cloud.