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VIP VoIP Christmas Message 2019

We know it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago we were all basking in one of the UK’s brief and rare heatwaves, but yes Christmas Day is almost upon us.

We don’t know about you, but here at VIP VoIP we like to have all of our Christmas shopping and preparation done and dusted by Christmas Eve.

So, then we can sit down on the sofa with a baileys hot chocolate and have a look through the Christmas Radio Times for something festive to watch in the evening, only to quickly sit up when we suddenly remember that we haven’t actually taken the turkey out of the freezer yet and the present for Auntie Mabel hasn’t arrived so we have to venture into town on the busiest day of the year to look for a set of tartan tea towels.

Then on Christmas day we like to start the morning early at six thirty with a healthy kale smoothie and 20 minutes of yoga…no, of course we don’t really, like you we will all be eating miniature heroes from at least half past eight in the morning and quite probably be asleep, full of Christmas cheer and pudding by about half past two.

Looking back at 2019, this year has been another successful year for us at VIP VoIP and you have probably noticed that we have given our website a bit of a spruce up, what do you think of our new logo by the way?

Well, there are also lots of exciting developments that we have planned, and we will be sure to tell you all about them in the new year!

We would like to wish every one of our customers, every one that has read our blogs, phoned and emailed us a very Merry Christmas indeed.