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VoIP and Software Integrations

Integrating VoIP with software systems offers a lot of benefits for any business. VoIP integrations remove redundant manual tasks and offer greater flexibility. A business is able to build versatile and customized workflows when VoIP is integrated with PSA, CRM, or other business management software.

Some of the key advantages of software integrations with VoIP are:

1. VoIP brings in a unified communication experience. This offers interactive and dynamic ways of communicating with customers which in turn enhances client relationships.
2. Insightful call analytics and data collection.
3. Improve productivity.

We have the following APIs available for software companies to integrate with us:

1. Call recordings: full recording of calls stored securely.
2. Call popping: matching data with the right customer profile.
3. Statistics for reporting and wallboards: Detailed metrics with real-time information.
4. Number allocation: The flexibility of choosing a number with any area or country code.
5. Creating calls and ring backs: Setting automated calls.

These APIs allow a reseller or software partner to enhance their own software by providing an integrated experience to their customers.

If you’re a software company or an individual working on a piece of software and would benefit from integrating VoIP into your feature stack, pls get in touch with us at 03300881182, email or fill in our contact form here, and we’ll be delighted to work with you on integrating our existing APIs and/or building custom VoIP features for your business or for your customers.

13-03-2023 New offer to potential software partners!

VIP VoIP is willing to offer free user licenses to new software partners who successfully complete integration with us. Once you have completed integration with us there is a great opportunity to earn extra revenue for your company by reselling our VoIP services alongside your software products. To help start the process VIP VoIP will offer free user licenses to you for your first customer for 12 months. How you pass this offer on to your customer is entirely up to you!