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An essential guide to VoIP and becoming a VoIP reseller

Why VoIP?

Even though VoIP has been around since the 1990s, the technology has only gained wide popularity among the business community over the last decade. Interest in VoIP jolted since the pandemic as businesses scaled into remote teams operating across countries and continents. There is no doubt that VoIP systems suit any type of business improve their bottom line and take client and employee communication to the next level. All that is required is a good internet connection for the call quality to be crisp and clean. VoIP also unlocks other opportunities and benefits for businesses. Customers and employees of a business will have a more integrated communication experience where they can send videos, pictures, documents, etc while being engaged on a call, making the communication experience more dynamic and effective.

With the “The Big Switch Off” scheduled to happen at the end of 2025 where BT will switch off all analogue and ISDN telephone lines, the switch to VoIP or mobile services becomes necessary. We’ve created this guide to give you a wholesome understanding of VoIP and why you should consider being a VoIP reseller if you are a business based in the U.K looking to enhance your service offerings.


How are VoIP systems better than traditional phone lines and mobile phones?

The main advantage when comparing VoIP with traditional phone lines is that you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment and network infrastructure. A landline will be based within a building and this limits employees by tying them to a desk. If the team is working remotely this option is already out. If members are constantly stepping out for field work or moving about within the office, customers will not be able to reach them easily at all times during work hours. Mobile phones are definitely better when compared to a landline, however, there is a significant cost incurred in providing a phone to every team member. If members were to use their own devices, this will get in the way of their personal life with calls coming in after work hours. With a business VoIP service, they can use one device for a VoIP number and a personal number. It will be as simple as switching off the VoIP app so they don’t get disturbed when off the clock.
Switching or starting with a Business VoIP service is quick, smooth, and cost-effective. There are no dedicated phone lines or special hardware required. Equipment that is already available in a business like computers, mobiles, and tablets are good enough to make and receive calls.


Why should you consider becoming a VoIP reseller?

The world is moving deep into digital and there’s no turning back. It makes perfect business sense to jump on the bandwagon while VoIP is a hot topic and sought-after option. Selling VoIP services isn’t complicated or as challenging as one might think as it brings many overall benefits for any business, so convincing doesn’t take much work. Yahoo Finance states that the VoIP market in the UK is poised to grow by $4.83 bn during 2022-2026, progressing at a compound annual growth rate of 9.08%.
Adding VoIP as an offering to your portfolio will enhance your company’s image and offer you the opportunity to tap into new markets. This means new customers for VoIP and your existing products and services. Once you sell VoIP to a business you will have a foot in the door for your other offerings. Some wholesale VoIP providers will introduce you to their pool of resellers, facilitating collaboration. New connections in the community will unlock new potential. Diversifying your revenue streams by becoming a VoIP reseller will also help in the long run, as VoIP clients pay for their services periodically. A business can always lean on this recurring revenue stream during a slow sales month.

A wholesale provider like ourselves will offer all the technical support you need and the means to launch yourself as a business VoIP provider. You will be able to set your own pricing policies, grow and maintain your own client relationships and even brand it however you want.

You can read all about our reseller proposition here and get in touch with us using the contact form on the page.


Role of a VoIP reseller

A VoIP reseller is there to help businesses discover the benefits of VoIP in streamlining business functions and communications. If a business is already using a legacy phone system, the VoIP reseller will help them understand the comparative benefits of switching and assist with a seamless transition.
Businesses and their needs differ, so a tailored VoIP system with functionality relevant to the specific business can be offered.
Below are some of the significant benefits of switching to VoIP.

1. Direct and indirect cost savings – lower phone bills by 60% or more, save up to 90% on international calls, fewer overheads when a business transitions into a remote work model, etc
2. Enables a business to easily scale to a hybrid or remote model if they wish to, without loss of productivity.
3. Improve client communication and thereby customer satisfaction.
4. Manage teams better.
5. No extra costs for add-on features like call transfer, call redirect, group ringing, call queuing, conference calls, call recording, etc.
6. Repurpose manpower – telephone operators, secretaries, etc can be replaced with multi-layer auto attendant.
7. A portable phone number that can receive and make calls from anywhere in the world. If you wish to give a number with a specific area code, that could be arranged too. Your number can say you are in London when you may actually be in Bristol, Spain, or India.
8. Integrations with other business software.


3 of the biggest wholesale VoIP providers in the U.K


British Telecom has been around longer than any of us. They possess a rich history that began in 1846 when it was called The Electric Telegraph Company. It goes without saying that BT is the first name that still comes to mind when you think of telecommunication services in the U.K, as it was a household name with 100% market share for fixed phone lines until 1984. In 2003 they launched their BT Broadband Voice package, which was the first move by a major UK player into the consumer VoIP market.

Daisy Communications

Daisy Communications is a part of the Daisy group which was originally founded in 2001. Daisy group is one of the UK’s leading IT, communications, and cloud service providers. Daisy’s VoIP service is backed by a strategic partnership with UK’s leading telecom provider, BT.


Gamma Telecom is a part of the Gamma Group that was founded in 2002. Gamma has become one of the dominant players in the UK communications market. Gamma offers hosted PBX services in the UK and cloud-based services such as SIP Trunking in other European countries like Germany and Spain.


How does VIP VoIP stack up to these 3 big competitors?

VIP VoIP was founded in 2013 to provide a better white-labelled VoIP solution for Managed Service Providers and technology resellers. Over the last 10 years, the company has grown the platform’s capabilities alongside an international network of resellers. These are some areas in which VIP VoIP offers a better service than its competitors.

1. VIP VoIP does not have minimum contract lengths: They do not believe that they need to tie their customers down in lengthy contracts to keep them, their services speak for themselves and they have maintained a 97% customer retention rate over the years. Other competitors do not offer such flexibility.

2. Flexible tariffs and bundles: VIP VoIP help resellers create their own call packages that can be tailored to the needs of each customer. The competitors insist you offer their existing call packages that cannot be tailored.

3. Integrations with existing software: VIP VoIP has developers who can help integrate a phone system with the existing software that a client uses to enable call popping, click-to-dial, and many other attractive features. The competitors can only offer limited integrations with a few software packages.

It is a common misconception that bigger companies offer better products and services. Larger businesses tend to have rigid structures with packaged services that offer less flexibility. Smaller companies on the other hand fill niches with tailored products and personalized service. When you decide to work with a smaller company you become an integral part of their business. They are always willing to listen and help you achieve your business goals. VIP VoIP focuses on developing trust, improving satisfaction, cultivating loyalty, and innovating constantly to bring you the best from the world of VoIP.

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