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VoIP For Call Centres

New processes, services and technology are introduced into businesses to make the customer experience better – we live in an age where excellent customer service is seen as the key factor for customers recommending or using a brand again. With advances in technology, the customer journey is continually made better and businesses need to adopt new processes to keep up with the competition.

One area this can be widely seen is in the call centre industry. Long gone are the days of standard telephone lines and call handlers having to manually punch out telephone numbers. To stay ahead of the curve, most call centres have adopted VoIP technology over the past decade. VoIP call centres have become so widespread because of the unique benefits they can bring to service-led businesses.

What are these unique benefits? And could they help your call centre customers?

VoIP Call Centre Features & Benefits

VoIP call centres have all usual benefits a VoIP phone solution brings which includes lower call costs, flexibility in terms of location (staff working from home for example), and the ability to go ‘phoneless’ where handsets are not required. That’s just the start, here at VIP VoIP, our call centre VoIP solution comes with all of the same features as our hosted switchboard system including complete control over call handling and automated menus but with the addition of a complete set of tools and features that are vital for call centres.

As mentioned, long gone are the days of punching in customer numbers or manually picking up a handset – one of the most striking features of modern-day call centres is the ability to quickly call numbers with just one click, greatly improving efficiency and the number of calls that can be processed. Our click and dial feature can connect directly to a CRM database enabling call handlers to easily work their way through call lists.

Supervisors can improve the quality of the training delivered, on the job, by listening in to calls and offering feedback. This feature is also useful for situations where a call handler may need assistance with a call, or simply for checking that employees are handling calls in line with company policy and procedure.

There are other features for supervisors and call centre managers too, all designed to improve the level of service delivered by employees.

For example, integrated wallboard solutions for real-time call performance monitoring of calls answered, made, in the queue, or missed – plus average answer time. Wallboards are a familiar sight in call centres and can also be used as motivation tools – not just for agent management. Displays can feature leader boards for businesses that incentivise calls, company information such as profit successes and even personalised messages for birthdays and special occasions.

Another important tool for managers is an agent login and logout feature. Call agents login and out of the VoIP system, usually at the start and end of shifts, and for rest breaks. The ability to view agent login and logout times helps with employee management, rewards and can even be linked to payroll.

Above all else though, the most useful aspect of VoIP call centres is the level of call tracking and statistic reporting managers can view and report on. Bespoke management reporting is key to understanding how a centre is performing and can be improved.

Bespoke Call Centre Statistic Reporting & Call Tracking

Productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. For many call centre managers, these three things are always on their minds and to continually improve, there must be a way to accurately track and report on these elements.

Tracking statistics in call centres provides a wealth of information for business owners, both on the way call centre staff are working and what customers are engaging with or need to see more of. This enables businesses to stay up to date with industry trends and then adjust services accordingly.

In an industry where customer satisfaction is the goal, being able to have total control over statistics is key to providing the best possible experience for callers.

In addition to keeping customers happy, tracking statistics is vital when it comes to understanding what is going on in your call centre, especially when it comes to productivity and efficiency. With real-time reporting and tailored reports, call centre managers will be able to get a hold of what is or isn’t working within their teams; this enables them to act quickly to make necessary changes.

The VIP VoIP web-based reporting dashboard enables your customers to do all of this, plus more.

Call centre managers can see important statistics about call activity in both tabular and graphical form in our handy dashboard. Dashboards are completely customisable too, using a set of standard widgets and filters.

VIP VoIP Call Centre Solution

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