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VoIP Door Entry and Intercom Systems

It is no secret that effective communication is a sure way to acquire and retain customers. It starts from the first point a prospective customer makes contact with a business. Be it through a phone call, face-to-face, or when they drop in at your business premises.

What if you were not available at your premises when they dropped in? You may lose a good business opportunity.
That’s where a SIP/VOIP door entry system will be of service.

A VoIP door entry system can be connected to a normal buzzer. Once a person at the door rings the buzzer, it can trigger a call to an IP phone, so even if you are within the premises or thousands of miles away, you can still see and speak to the person at your door. This way, you will never miss a customer. In fact, you could also unlock the door for a visitor while you’re away if you wish to do so.

VIP VoIP has worked with Paxton Access to facilitate VoIP compatibility for their access control systems. Paxton video door entry system comprises of three components: an external panel, a door control unit, and an internal monitor. It provides a true plug-and-play solution for any door entry requirement. VIP VoIP specializes in software integrations and possesses the technical capabilities to integrate with any access control system of choice. Any such requirements should be directed to or 03300881182.

A VoIP intercom on the other hand is a system that allows users to dial an extension within the office on their keypad, as with a regular call, and transfer the call to another person within the office. With a VoIP intercom system a user can park calls in the cloud, then intercom colleagues to inform them, before pressing a transfer call button.