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VoIP For Care Homes

VIP VoIP has several solutions that can be perfectly tailored for specific industries, one such industry is the care sector, primarily care homes.

If you’re a care home manager or provide services to the care industry, read on to find out why VoIP is an ideal choice for care home settings.

Care Requirements

Care homes can be demanding environments, for both staff and service users, reliable telephone services play several crucial roles in a residential care setting.

Overall, there is a need to be able to make or receive several calls at the same time – this is becoming increasingly important as the Care Quality Commission sets higher targets of service and care to residents.

Families want to be able to contact their relatives easily and especially during the current situation (Covid-19), as visits to care homes are still suspended in many areas. Telephone calls will be playing a vital role in the wellbeing of many families and their loved ones.

In addition to several service users being free to make and receive calls at the same time, it’s vital that healthcare providers can communicate with care staff without constraints. Care homes will often be liaising with several different healthcare providers, on behalf of numerous service users.

In addition to being able to hold several lines open, care homes require some degree of call redirection to ensure front-line care staff aren’t receiving calls meant for administrative staff, and vice versa. Ensuring calls go to the correct place right away ensures everyone can get on with jobs and spend less time having to transfer calls.

Many care homes also need to have the ability to install private telephone lines in service users’ bedrooms. As the cost of these will usually be met by the service user, the solution must be low cost.

VoIP For Care Homes

VIP VoIP hosted VoIP solutions make all the above possible at a low cost.

Our solution:

  • A single broadband line that enables multiple simultaneous calls and calls
  • Call queuing until someone answers, ensuring important calls are never missed
  • Private, low-cost lines for service users’ rooms that are long term contracts
  • Choice of handsets for service users, including “big Button” and hearing-aid compatible units
  • The ability to create separate telephone numbers for different purposes, for example, a recruitment line that rings on a different phone

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For those that provide services to the care home industry and are looking to increase your service offering, VIP VoIP have an attractive reseller proposition that will benefit both your clients and your business.