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Home Phone VoIP for Residential and Domestic

Communicate from a landline, but with better value and richer features when you switch from your analogue telephone to VoIP.

VoIP telephony is just as applicable to domestic customers as to businesses. In 2025, most traditional domestic landlines will be switched off as part of the drive toward a digital future. The process of change is already happening. High-speed fiber optic broadband services are becoming readily available to households at reasonable prices. When customers switch to these services, their original landline numbers will stop working.

None of this will matter for many people who prefer to use their mobile phones to make calls. It will matter to those people who aren’t so comfortable with using mobiles, or who want to keep their landline numbers.

We can port a number to our VoIP service if residential customers prefer to keep their landline number. They can then use our mobile apps to make or receive phone calls on their landline number. Or if they prefer, they can use their existing phones with an adaptor or buy new physical VoIP telephones.

Our VoIP technology has many useful features for householders such as:

      • Enabling easy blacklisting and whitelisting of telephone numbers, to avoid nuisance calls.
      • Playing greeting messages to callers.
      • Notifying users by email when messages are left on their answering service.
      • Allowing more than one member of the family to make and receive calls at the same time.
      • Customers can take their numbers with them if they move home, potentially anywhere in the world.

We recognize that domestic customers are more price-sensitive than business users, and they do not make the same demands on our network infrastructure. So, we have developed a range of special pricing packages to suit this market.

Ask us about our residential VoIP offerings by calling on 03300881182, emailing us at, or filling in our contact form.