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VoIP Hot Desking Guide for End Users

VIP VoIP Instructions

Please follow the simple instructions below to learn how to hot desk using your VoIP telephony system:

To log in to Hot Desking – *71XXX

For logging in to Call Queue – *73XXX

For logging out of all Call Queues – *74

To log out of Hot Desking – *72

Generally, you will want to allocate a normal extension for each desk phone. That extension is how the phone connects to the server. Then allocate a “Hot Desk User” for each person within the company. Give out the User numbers and their 4 digit PINs to the customer.

Users can then walk up to any phone. Dial *71XXX and from then on all calls to their Hot Desk User will come to the correct phone. Ideally users should dial *72 when they are leaving but it isn’t essential.

Make sure when you are creating your Call Groups and Hunt Groups that you use the Hot Desk Users and not the normal extensions.

To use the dynamic call queues simply create a call queue with no users. Then instruct the relevant end users what the call queue number for them is. After they have logged in to the hot desking they should then dial *73XXX and when they are finished taking calls dial *74.

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