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VoIP Jitters – Can you defeat them?

There is no doubt that VoIP telephony is one of the greatest inventions in the telecommunication industry. It has helped to save a lot of money for today’s businesses while offering them endless features and more possibilities. However, VoIP users sometimes experience poor voice quality or what we call “jitters”. So, what are jitters and how can you defeat them and enjoy a clear and high-quality VoIP call?

What are VoIP Jitters?

VoIP works by converting the analogue sound of your voice into a digital audio stream and sending it in chunks (packets) over the internet. If these packets arrived at their destination in a different order then how they were originally sent, the callers will experience poor voice quality or jitters.

Jitters is the most common problem in VoIP telephony. However, it can be easily fixed once the reason behind it is known.

VoIP jitters


Common causes of jitters

Inadequate router:

Many people or small businesses use the same internet connection for both voice and data. In this situation, if you are making a call while other users are using the same network to stream videos or download large files, your call might be affected. This can be easily fixed by configuring your router to prioritize VoIP traffic on your network.

Slow Internet connection:

VoIP relies on the internet and thus, a slow internet connection might have a negative effect on your VoIP call. The question is how fast your internet should be in order for you to have a good quality VoIP call with no jitters? The answer lies in how many concurrent calls you might have.

The table below shows the recommended speed compared to the number of concurrent calls that you wish to have:

Jitters- table

If you are handling many concurrent calls and your internet bandwidth is small, you might want to upgrade your bandwidth to enjoy better quality calls and defeat the jitters.

Can the quality of my voice call be affected by my VoIP provider?

Your choice of VoIP provider might play a role in the quality of your call. It can be affected by how they encode voice signals in to data packets and how many local data centres they operate as it can play a role in their ability to offer a more reliable service by spreading their service out across different locations.

VIP VoIP systems run on local services in different locations across the world. This means we offer a high-quality VoIP calls at a lower cost and without any lag in the conversation.

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