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VoIP Systems For Schools

As a VoIP reseller it is easy to focus on trying to sell to big businesses, but it’s important to consider other people and organisations, especially the opportunities in selling VoIP systems for schools.

Schools are increasingly looking to switch to VoIP so this week we are going to look at the benefits of VoIP systems for schools.

Just like everybody else these days, schools are looking to save costs and the numerous benefits of VoIP system do this and much more.

Teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in the UK, so anything that can be done to help teachers and staff in education, such as a VoIP system, is definitely worth looking into.


VoIP Video Calling

VoIP Video Calling and conference opens up a whole new avenue of teaching and communication.

Not only can staff have meetings and discuss lesson plans from various locations, but it means that one to one or group training can be carried out online.

Many video call functions offer the ability to share screens making for a much more interactive lesson.

The high audio and video quality means that both teacher and student get the best possible teaching experience.

Being able to have video conferences between other schools or education companies make it a lot easier to discuss changes in the world of teaching rather than trying to find a day when teachers, who already overworked as it is, are all able to gather in one place.

Or they can attend a seminar or event virtually instead of travelling half way around the country, losing at least one day’s work.

There is also the added benefit of being able to see a person when you talk to them. In a world where staff can spend half a day trying to solve a simple issue with 50 emails, quite often a short face to face video call could resolve an issue in 5 minutes.

It doesn’t have to be limited to teachers and students either, it is worth pointing out that parents can benefit from being able to attend meetings via a video call rather than having to take time off to travel to school.

VoIP Call Management And Call Routing

Anyone who has ever tried to telephone a school will tell you that they often spend a long time waiting for someone to answer the phone and how difficult it is to actually get to speak the right person.

With VoIP call management the whole process is streamlined and a lot more user friendly.

Callers can be given several options when they call, instead of getting the engaged tone or being transferred to the wrong person or classroom, they can direct the call to the correct extension number.

Personalised voicemails can be set up for individuals or teams, so that if a teacher is busy with students, they don’t have to rely on hand written notes being passed to them in between lessons.

Many VoIP systems have voicemail transcription services, so a message can be transcribed and emailed. So a teacher can easily read it instead of trying to listen to their phone in class or in the playground (when it’s quite often very noisy!)

All of the above can alleviate the pressure from the school reception desk and make it a much less stressful experience for a parent who will be able to speak to a teacher or classroom assistant straight away.

Easy to update and change voicemail options also mean that they can change a message quickly. For example if a school concert start time has changed, a message can be recorded so that any parent calling the school would get to hear the message as soon as they called.

Being able to set up bespoke call routing also allows staff changes without any noticeable effect for the caller.

If a teacher or classroom assistant is off sick or has had to take urgent leave then it is simple to re-direct calls instead of letting the caller listen to an extension ring and ring and not be answered.

We recently wrote about how VoIP can help with staff holidays if you would like to find out more details.

VoIP Systems Flexibility

To most people the idea of changing a phone system, especially somewhere as busy as a school, would mean lots of upheaval and lots of money being spent.

So the fact that long term VoIP systems will actually save money is an important point to mention.

Similarly, because VoIP systems can be used with existing telephony equipment a school looking into changing to VoIP can be re-assured that it won’t be chaos and carnage for a few days!

There are much more VoIP features that can benefit a school, if have a look at our VoIP services page you will find out all you need to know.

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