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VoIP & IoT (Internet Of Things)


VoIP and the IoT are set to combine to make life easier for businesses and homes around the world. More of our business processes are going to become automated and free up time and resources for truly great things.

But first, let’s get the jargon out of the way.  You can be forgiven for reading that heading and thinking ‘pardon?’

IoT stands for Internet of Things. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. You can read more about the benefits of VoIP here.

The IoT is going to take off in a massive way now that 5G is being rolled out and is set to revolutionise the way we live, work, shop, and interact with each other. Maybe even more so in a post Covid world.

What is the IoT?

The IoT makes ‘things’ internet-connected in ways you might never have considered before.

For example, your phone could talk to your internet-enabled lamps, coffee machine, car, doors and more.

Plus, it will make many ‘things’ that are already internet-enabled smarter and more automated. For example, you will be able to sync all the apps on your phone, laptop and tablet together so manual processes, such as sending PDFs to clients, happens automatically.

How Can IoT and VoIP Integrate?


VoIP and IOT seem like perfect bedfellows.

For years VoIP has been on the cutting edge of internet technology. VoIP works by sending data packages over the internet. So, when we talk about connecting VoIP with the Internet of Things, we are already halfway there.

Because VoIP is already sending data packages over the internet, all it needs is a landing point that can act intelligently enough to act on the information.

For example, you could automate voice communications with customers’ devices. If you sell washing machines, you could automatically communicate errors and service announcements without having the client’s number.

This communication could be automatically recorded in the customer’s notes on the CRM system and send them an email to confirm.

You could then automatically have a diary notification set to re-contact them in a year, which starts the workflow again.

This entire workflow can be automated, so no one ever has to interact with the process unless there is a problem.

This article talks about how VoIP and IOT can help to manage physical assets. The example it gives is one in a hotel. In this instance, VoIP endpoints can be used to manage a resident’s expenses. Staff can use an IP phone to automatically add items to a resident’s bill, such as drinks from the mini bar. This data can also be used to automatically order stock for the cellar to ensure a steady supply.


How Will VoIP Work With IOT To Benefit Businesses?


VoIP and the IoT will have a profound effect on businesses of all sort, not just offices.

Two areas, in particular, will be utilities and healthcare.


People working outdoors will be able to place IoT beacons on objects such as trees, reservoir walls, and cable junctions that send data to phones using IP endpoints. VoIP will enable these beacons to be hooked up to ordinary mobile phones so the utilities staff can automatically send data to and from the beacon to their phone.

Visiting people’s homes to check on pipes and cabling will be much more efficient too. Not only can beacons be used in a similar way, but reports can be instantly sent as voice packages onto the customer’s account. A bit like a Dictaphone but without anyone having to transcribe it.



VoIP and IOT can make the lives of caring professions much easier, whether they are working in a hospital, visiting homes, or providing emergency care.

Imagine how much more efficient healthcare staff would be if they could use VoIP to automatically record and access patient notes that updates on a central system wherever they are.

Prescriptions could be automatically sent to pharmacies for dispense. Stock in pharmacies could then be ordered automatically when some items run low.


Can We Help You With VoIP And IOT?

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