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VoIP Vs Video Calling: Which Is Better?

During the pandemic, not many businesses profited as much as those that provide video conferencing.

Overnight millions of us were forced to work from home. This sudden departure from business as usual created a lot of opportunities and challenges for the telecoms and IT industries as everyone scrambled to make it possible and data compliant to work from home.

VoIP vs video calling was something many of us considered as we grappled with what service our clients would be asking for.

It turned out that both saw a huge boom. Some even hailed VoIP as one of the reasons many businesses transitioned so smoothly.

Video conferencing enabled us to see human faces during our confinement. It became the norm, and it looks to stay that way in some part.

But VoIP has some major advantages for businesses over video conferencing.

So, if you are a VoIP reseller, here are some of the benefits VoIP has over video calling that you can shout from the rooftops.


VoIP Vs Video Calling- The Case For VoIP

1) VoIP lets record interactions with customers

It is undeniable that management, training, and recruitment have been very difficult during the pandemic. Many businesses have struggled with the accountability and productivity of their staff.

VoIP lets businesses easily train their staff on the phone, thanks to whisper, barge, and record.

Whisper lets managers discreetly speak to their teammates during calls to offer guidance or insight. The customer never knows there is an extra person on the line.

Barge gives managers the power to interrupt a call or speak to both parties. This is useful when training new staff.

And record does what it says. It allows calls to be securely recorded for training and management.

Some video conferencing apps allow for these interactions, but it is always absolutely clear to the customer that there is an extra person on the call.

2) VoIP gives accountability and resource management

Just like when your clients were all in the office, VoIP lets them set up hunt groups. Even when they are sitting in different buildings, the hunt groups will find someone who is free, evenly distribute calls, and track calls answered or dropped.

This means one person isn’t always having to answer the phone, nor does it leave their customers waiting for someone to be free. Distribution of work is fairer, and the customer is quickly served.

It also enables your client to see how hard their teams are working at home and ensure customer calls are being answered or made.

3) Seamless transitions and transfers

There aren’t many things more frustrating than trying to speak to someone and having to ring back a different number.

With VoIP, your clients can easily pass a call through to a more suitable department. This isn’t possible with video calling,

Imagine your client in finance is on a video call with someone querying an invoice. They need to speak to someone in logistics. It would result in a lot of faff. Hanging up, rearranging call times, sending out links to video conferences. It is seriously time-consuming.

With VoIP, you just put the customer on hold or transfer the call to that department.

4) Great security

With everything that is passed over the internet, the potential risk for hacking is there on video conferencing.

True, it is much better than it was when the pandemic first started and people were popping into meetings (zoom bombing), sharing obscenities, and phishing. Zoom in particular has tightened up a lot on its security since the pandemic started but it still isn’t perfect.

VoIP can also vulnerable to interception or hacking, but the sector is a lot older, has more protective protocols in place, and is generally thought of as being secure, providing some basic IT housekeeping steps are taken, such as regular pen-testing. As a VoIP reseller, this is a great opportunity to inform your client of some of your other services.

Who Wins VoIP Vs Video Calling

Well, we would say this because we are one of the UK’s leading VoIP providers, but for us, VoIP is an essential business tool that beats video calling hands down!

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