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What Is A Softphone?

What is a softphone, how does it work and how can softphone software help VoIP resellers increase their sales?

What Exactly Is A Softphone?

Softphone refers to the software that enables users to make phone calls over the internet, using a device such as a laptop or a smartphone.

A softphone has all the same features a traditional telephone handset offers plus some additional functionality in that it can be used anywhere (so long as the user is connected to the internet).

The flexibility of a softphone is why it is such a great option for many business owners. Because the traditional telephone can be accessed on pretty much any device connected to the internet, users have significant freedom over where and when they work.

Flexible working has increased in popularity over the last few years and naturally, the use of softphones has risen too.

Secondly, softphones are a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. Not having to buy new handsets can save businesses a significant amount of money and up their green credentials – why buy new hardware when you don’t need to?

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, a softphone has all the same features as a handset – softphone software can be viewed on the user’s device screen and will look and feel much like using a handset. This is all made possible by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the technology commonly used to make calls using the internet.

The flexibility of a softphone becomes clear when you look at the multitude of compatible devices it can be used on. Running on pretty much any platform or device gives users significant choice when it comes to how they like to make their calls. Whether employees are using Macs, windows devices, laptops, smartphones, or tablets, they will have the same functionality as they would with a traditional phone.

Especially when a VoIP system with features such as ours, users can view rich information about callers, hold and transfer calls, not only in their location but to a colleague at other geographical locations. Other standard features include voicemail access and ability to hold calls.

Thanks to the flexible nature of softphone software, calls can even be made and received on different devices depending on where the user is. For example, a salesperson may want to use their phone on their desktop or laptop when they’re in the office and then switch to using their smartphone when they’re on the road.

Say Bye-Bye To Handsets

If you offer VoIP services as either part of your other offerings or you solely provide white labelled VoIP services, the softphone can be an important tool in your sales kit.

One of the biggest resistances to switching from a traditional phone system over to VoIP is the need to buy expensive handsets. Many business owners don’t want to spend extra money on desk phones, especially when they will likely already have handsets.

The softphone option should always be included in your sales pitch as it overcomes a major objection for many prospective customers.

Their employees will already have a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet so a software-only phone option is an alluring option. A softphone solution will allow them to completely skip the cost of handsets and simply roll out their new call system across user existing devices.


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