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When Is My Business Ready For VoIP?


Switching phone systems is a big deal for any business and as a VoIP Reseller you may be asked, when is my business ready for VoIP?

How Much Is The Telephone Bill?

One reason that will help a business to decide to switch to VoIP is the cost savings.

If you find out how much their telephone bill is and compare it with the cost of a VoIP alternative, they will easily see the benefit.

Of course, some businesses will be suspicious of cost savings at first and ask you ‘what’s the catch?’

So, you can explain why VoIP is almost always going to be cheaper than their traditional phone systems, for three simple reasons.

  1. VoIP uses the existing internet connection, they won’t need separate phone lines anymore
  2. VoIP calls are cheaper, so no more huge bills because of long or international phone calls
  3. Hosted VoIP providers can offer a combined phone and internet package, which can save money and the hassle of having to deal with separate companies.

Everyone Is Going To Be Using VoIP

We aren’t saying this in a pushy sales way, but VoIP really is the future for all telecommunications.

BT announced that they intend to move their 16 million phone lines to VoIP by 2025 and shut down their existing PSTN phone network.

Other global comms companies are moving in the same direction, so you can point out that the telecommunications industry as a whole has decided that VoIP will be the foundation of their services.

It makes sense then, if a business is ready for VoIP now, to switch over, rather than wait until the last minute.

More Flexibility For Businesses With VoIP

There has been a steady increase in flexible working in businesses over the last few years and VoIP is ideal for flexible working without causing disruption to businesses or their customers.

With VoIP you get a virtual switchboard, which means that wherever an employee is they have exactly the same communications functionality as they would in the office.

There is no longer the need to collect several mobile numbers or divert calls to multiple phone extensions depending on where staff are.

For customers, VoIP means that they can carry on as normal and not have to find an alternative number.

With the business market being so competitive, customers may decide not to bother calling if they have to spend time looking for different numbers and phone another company.

5G And VoIP Video Calls

One of the questions you are always going to be asked along with ‘When is my business ready for VoIP?’ is about the video and audio quality of VoIP calls.

While historically there has been issues with the consistency of calls, these days it is less likely to be a problem, especially with the introduction this year of 5G.

Once 5G is rolled out across the UK, businesses should find that jerky picture quality and muffled sound on calls will disappear completely.

The options for how to use video calls increase substantially with VoIP too. Video calls aren’t just for one to one conversations anymore!

Team meetings, customer consultations and employee training can all be carried out via the technology of VoIP.

The beauty of VoIP is that it can be tailored for different types of business, there is no ‘one size fits all’ package that would mean a company would have to make any compromises.

When you are asked, when is my business ready for VoIP, consider the sector of industry that your prospective client works in and think how VoIP can benefit their business?

For example, If they work in education, then talk about using VoIP for remote learning, for both students and staff.

Or if it is a business in the Health sector, they could use VoIP for patient consultations and checkups.

VoIP In A Crisis

Another huge benefit of VoIP is because it is cloud-based, it is very easy to modify and adapt.

Which is particularly useful in a crisis or emergency.

Calls can be re-routed; custom voice mails and text can be easily created without having to go to a physical switchboard.

If staff suddenly have to remote work in an emergency, this can be done with little or no disruption to the business or their customers.

Also, the number of extension numbers can be increased or decreased and when a business requires them.

There is no more extra cost of additional hardware or switchboards and having to find somewhere to put them!

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We have tried to cover most of the benefits but if you would like any more help and guidance then our team of experts will be more than happy to have a chat with you.

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