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Should IT Operators Offer White Label Services?

When IT operators provide reseller options, these are normally white label services. What white labelling does is enable the reseller to apply their own branding to customer-facing aspects of the platform they are providing.

By offering white label services, IT operators are supporting other enterprises at the same time as growing their own.

What are White Label Services?

A white label service is when a provider removes their branding from what they are selling to others, for these resellers to market and sell on to customers of their own.

In effect, the service or product then becomes part of the reseller’s own brand offering.

It is something that happens a lot in certain sectors, such as digital marketing, web hosting and IT operations, including VoIP services.

There’s nothing mysterious about white labelling. It simply enables companies to provide services to other businesses, who can then sell them and use them to build their own customer relationships.

The important thing is the integrity of the service or product in the first place.

Who Benefits from White Label Partnerships?

In a fast-growing competitive industry like VoIP telephony, white label services offer opportunities and benefits for enterprises of all sizes.

For white label resellers, it means they can market and sell a high quality platform to customers without the hassle and expense of developing their own. They also have the confidence of knowing what they’re offering is high quality.

It can help rapid business development, without the reseller feeling that they are in any way compromising their own integrity.

And it provides excellent opportunities for resellers to create and then expand a technologically dynamic, customer-focused VoIP telephony enterprise.

But most of all, the customer benefits. It expands the reach of technology and offers more businesses the advantages of VoIP as a versatile, adaptable communications platform.

Why the Time is Right for VoIP

VoIP is on the rise. It has experienced substantial market growth globally, as wireless infrastructures become essential to users and integral to communications.

Businesses are experiencing the advantages of VoIP’s cost-efficiency and reliability. They are migrating from traditional telephone systems and choosing cloud-based systems instead.

A factor in the ongoing growth of VoIP is likely to be the prolonged impact of Covid-19 and the huge rise in remote working as standard practice for a great many organisations.

The need for reliable, digital communications which enable employers to retain overall control is making VoIP a logical choice in this current age of dispersed working.

Using VoIP, businesses can improve their communications, scale them up, or down, and enable better collaborative working, where physical location is no limitation.

Unified communications systems support joined-up business approaches, and give enterprises rapid access to economical but highly efficient networks and infrastructure, so that they can hit the ground running, with strategic advantages.

Why Become a VoIP Reseller?

A VoIP reseller can enjoy the best of both worlds:

  • They have a fully developed and supported platform they can take to market rapidly, and
  • They can do this and sell it as their own, branded product.

They don’t incur long-term development costs, but they enjoy the same sort of independence as someone who’s come up with their own product.

White label IT operators offer varying degrees of freedom to resellers, but the main principle is that resellers can get firmly behind the product as a means to build their own business.

The provider remains behind the scenes, while the reseller can:

  • Apply their own branding to the VoIP platform when marketing it to customers
  • Grow and develop their own, independent customer relationships, without having to tie customers into long-term contracts
  • Set their own pricing policies, and customise retail call rates for individual customers
  • Offer bespoke interface solutions, which the provider will develop on their behalf.

At the same time, the reseller can draw on the technical support of the provider, and, where they want to, gain valuable pre-sale help and advice.

White label services offer potentially huge advantages to resellers wanting to create dynamic enterprises of their own. But ultimately, the main beneficiary is the end customer, who gets to experience the benefits of a state-of-the-art VoIP platform for their business.

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