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Who Can Benefit from VoIP for Business in the UK?


With various useful features that come as standard, plus additional service options, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a versatile business telephone communications system.


Because of this versatility, a broad range of businesses in the UK can benefit from VoIP. Plus, the pandemic creating challenging conditions for business. VoIP’s adaptability makes it the ideal tool for uncertain and changing times.

What Makes VoIP So Versatile?

VoIP is the perfect solution when it comes to mobility. Essentially, it will operate anywhere you want it to.

Whether you’re in the office, working from home, or on the move, you can access all the functions of your VoIP system.

VoIP runs via your internet connection, so provided you’re connected, you can take advantage of its many features, including call handling and recording. With this system, you can divert calls, forward them voicemail or mobile devices, and set custom messages to give out-of-hours callers the essential information they need.

You can control your costs more effectively too, and you have a system that’s readily scalable, growing alongside your business.

VoIP for Small Businesses and Startups

For smaller enterprises, VoIP’s cost-effectiveness and scalability make it ideal as a telephone system that will work both at entry-level, and for when a business’s communications needs grow.

A smaller business might consider simply relying on an existing landline and mobile devices, but in fact, VoIP can consolidate both these phone methods, and add value with additional flexibility.

With features such as flexible geographic numbering and multi-site capabilities. VoIP enables the small enterprise to punch way above its weight. And with no expensive, specialist hardware to install, upfront investment costs are low.

Ecommerce and VoIP

If you’re running an online store, you might think you can take care of everything via your screen and keyboard. But you can add value to your customers and differentiate your e-commerce store if you provide a ready means for them to contact you by phone.

As VoIP is internet-based, you can integrate it seamlessly into the operation of your e-commerce business.

This will enable you to improve the customer experience. You can add as many numbers as you need to meet caller demand, and you can stay open 24 hours, including meeting the needs of international customers.

Whether you’ve got customers calling to enquire about product details, or requiring troubleshooting help, VoIP enables you to answer their needs.

Which online store is going to leave the best impression. The one which engages customers and talks to them, or the one that doesn’t?

Accessible Call Centre Technology

Businesses that run call centres can take full advantage of VoIP. In fact, this technology is perfectly suited to this type of business model.

Where one phone is busy or otherwise unavailable, VoIP will automatically ring through to another.

You can tell callers how far up a queue they are to have their calls answered. Then you can respond to them with a customisable automated greeting.

There are plenty of accessible metrics to monitor performance. This includes how long it takes to enter calls, or whether calls are being missed. VoIP will integrate with wallboards displaying real-time information.

As a hosted solution, VoIP saves on IT maintenance too.

VoIP for Care Homes

The care home sector in the UK is growing but faces enormous challenges at the same time. VoIP can help care homes improve the way they run, for both residents and staff.

The key here is low-cost provision. VoIP offers economic solutions for the provision of phones in residents’ rooms, and for providing easy ways of reaching front-line care staff.

And call management capabilities mean that care homes can re-direct non-urgent calls to keep lines free for essential communications.

VoIP for Businesses on the Move

Flexibility is a built-in quality version of VoIP, and this makes it an excellent choice for businesses. Especially where employees are working remotely or on the move.

Logistics companies, for example, can organise their telephone systems so that drivers can easily access the company’s phone network via mobile devices.

It also means businesses can combine centralised control of numbers with the adaptability and freedom necessary for effective remote working.

Other businesses in the UK that can really benefit from VoIP are taxi operators. VoIP is the perfect call management solution for these enterprises. It offers the flexibility of location and use, easy booking management, call logging, multiple call channels, and screen popping.

Keeping Up with the Changing World of Work

There are many indications that the current expansion of working from home (WFH) during the pandemic is a trend that is here to stay. Businesses that adopt VoIP will be strategically well-positioned to move with these changing workplace trends.

Figures indicate that the long-term use of office space will change in response to the Covid-19.

Organisations will need telephone and communications systems that are easy and fast to reconfigure. Therefore, scale up or down, and that have mobile working capabilities built into them.

VoIP is a technology that can help future-proof businesses, allowing them to adapt to change, rather than become victims of it.

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