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Why Now Is The Right Time To Become A VoIP Provider


2020 has been a testing year for all of us. The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. For some, it has been an opportunity to seize fleeting opportunities and grow their business. For others, it has been a time to bunker down and hope for the best.

Regardless of our business sector, size or niche, we have all faced unexpected changes and challenges. And one of the biggest changes has been widespread remote working.

But for some businesses, particularly those who specialised in IT services and telecoms etc., the pandemic can provide the perfect opportunity to become a VoIP provider.


Why Are Businesses Switching To VoIP?

Remote working was already starting to grow in popularity throughout many industries before the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Some businesses were equipped to deal with enforced lockdowns and government guidelines. Whereas others scrambled to find the best way for their employees to communicate effectively from home.


The Benefits Of Remote Working

As thousands of businesses across the UK adapt to the “new normal” of remote working, virtual meetings and hot-desking, the benefits have started to become apparent.

Without a daily commute to and from the workplace, employees are becoming accustomed to having spare time on their hands. Companies are appreciating the fast and efficient way to get business done via video calls (no more driving for hours to visit a client!). And businesses are saving money on everything from office overheads to fuel allowances.

In addition, with less traffic on the roads, our collective carbon footprint is reduced (and that is always a bonus).

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that many of our businesses can operate effectively whilst working from home. And employees do not have to spend every day in the office.

Studies show that some form of remote working will continue, even when it is safe to go back to the workplace. An individual survey carried out by Accumulate Capital found that 37% of businesses are planning on downsizing their workspace and operating with a mix of office-working and remote-working.


Effective Communication

Due to the pandemic, businesses operating from homes across the nation are looking for reliable ways to communicate effectively. Communication is, after all, crucial to every business. And this is where VoIP comes in!

A hosted VoIP system is the perfect solution for businesses looking for the best way to stay connected. VoIP gives staff members the same call handling abilities at home than they would have in the office.

It allows businesses to keep their office number by diverting office lines to employees personal or work mobile phones. VoIP also enables businesses to transfer called between colleagues and access call logs and data.


The Benefits Of Becoming A VoIP Provider

The pandemic may have impacted your business in more ways than one, but it has also brought about the perfect opportunity to become a VoIP provider!

Whether you offer IT support, telecommunication services or business support, now is the best time to add VoIP to your list of services. Aside from providing a fantastic telephone solution to your customers and clients, becoming a VoIP provider means you can reap the benefits!

With VoIP in such high demand, you can make a profit and gain loyal customers. You can also stay on top of your competition and ensure ongoing business success. Explore the full benefits of becoming a VoIP provider here.


How Do I Become A VoIP Provider?

If you want to provide VoIP to your customers and clients, you need to pair up with a great VoIP partner, preferably one that is an expert in their field. For a monthly fee, your VoIP partner will give you the tools, resources and support you need to become an efficient VoIP reseller.

As a VoIP reseller, you will provide VoIP to your customers via your preferred VoIP partner (service provider). When choosing the best VoIP service provider to partner up with, you need to put in the research. We’ve shared our top tips on how to choose a VoIP partner and become and VoIP reseller here.


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