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Work we do in the U.S


We offer our VoIP services across the globe through interoperability agreements with VoIP suppliers in other countries. Our customers are spread across countries like Australia, India, North America, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and of course, Europe.

The U.S. region is our second biggest market after the U.K. We concentrate particularly on North America, Canada, The Caribbean islands, and Mexico.

The signature characteristic of VoIP is that the technology allows companies to transcend international boundaries effortlessly and seamlessly. This makes it very easy for companies, of any size, to provide their services internationally.

Through close partnerships with data centers and VoIP operators in North America, we can provide UK or Irish companies with telephone numbers in any North American city or region so that local customers can contact them by calling local numbers at local rates. It is also possible for these companies to call their North American customers and trading partners using local numbers, at local call rates. Similarly, we can provide North American businesses with telephone numbers in UK and Ireland. Our customers for these services are many and varied, including International couriers, real estate agents, software suppliers, recruitment agencies & travel operators. We can also support taxi companies located in the U.S.


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