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What is the Zoom Boom?

What is the Zoom Boom?


We are living in the era of the Zoom boom, and many organisations and enterprises have adapted to using this platform.


Covid-19 and lockdown have changed how people live, work and interact, and it has had both positive and negative impacts on different areas of business. Video calling is something that has benefitted, and one platform in particular now dominates this field, Zoom.


But what the rise of Zoom has also highlighted is the need of a reliable, integrated communications system to support it.


This is what makes VoIP and Zoom the perfect combination.



Meeting the Remote Working Challenge


Working from home was growing in popularity before the pandemic, but what Covid-19 has done is to turbo-charge this trend.


It forced the world of work to adapt, and a great many businesses have now risen to the challenge.


The immediate problem to solve was one of communication. What would enable employees working remotely to communicate more easily, in groups of varying sizes, and to share data and collaborate?


The Zoom Boom provides the answers:


  • It is easy to set up, and easy to manage


  • Zoom can deliver good quality audio and visual communications rapidly, and for large groups and webinars, as well as one-to-one meetings and informal chats


  • It provides a single platform for these different needs


  • Users can connect to it through different operating systems, and it works equally well for mobile as desktop devices, and it’ straightforward to video-enable different conference rooms.


Zoom has experienced exponential growth during the pandemic. In the March 2020 quarter alone, it added more than 183,000 enterprise customers (with more than 10 employees apiece).


And what this growth has done is enable Zoom to cement its position in the marketplace as the go-to provider for video calling and conferencing.


Its use has spread beyond the world of work too, with a huge growth of 2,000% in domestic users during lockdown.



Is Working from Home the New Normal?


Zoom is a versatile tool for remote working, and the implications are that remote working, in some form, is going to be a permanent fixture.


It is an opportunity for companies to change how they work, structurally, and embrace a more sustainable model.


There is less need for office space, less time and fewer people involved in the daily commute.


Employees maintain a healthier work-life balance, they feel more fulfilled and are therefore more motivated, engaged and productive.


You wouldn’t rush to say there were many silver linings to Covid-19! Yet permanent shift in how people work may be one of them.


What might this new normal look like?


One answer might be a hybrid model of co-working spaces combined with working from home. This could be where employees use offices only part of the time.


Whatever form it takes, research indicates that working from home is here to stay.



Zoom and VoIP


The rise of Zoom has highlighted the importance of digital, cloud-based communications. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is designed to enable users to make voice calls using internet connections. However it also offers much more than this.


VoIP provides a complete communications package, including call handling, multi-site capabilities, flexible geographic numbering and scalability.


As Zoom becomes central to how lots of companies’ communication infrastructure, it’s going to be a case of them wanting to ensure that their other comms are compatible in terms of efficiency and reliability.


Which puts VoIP in the perfect position.



A Joined-up Approach to Comms


Zoom is a highly effective platform. However maximising its capabilities means making sure that all other aspects of communications support it.


These include VoIP (see above), but also cloud-based applications such as Office 365 and G-Suite.


Therefore, another measure companies should consider for supporting new ways of working is migrating their systems to the cloud.


A key, strategic way of accomplishing this is the use the service of a specialist cloud migration service.




The VoIP Reselling Opportunity


The demand for VoIP is out there, and the growing popularity of Zoom can only support it.


If you become a VoIP reseller, you can make full use of our white label options to brand your what you offer in your own way, giving you control over your own enterprise.



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