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Adding a New Revenue Stream to Your Business

Becoming a VoIP reseller offers excellent opportunities for generating income and building long-term profitability in your enterprise.


This applies to existing and established enterprises as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs. VoIP is a means of adding a new revenue stream to your business.



The Benefits of Diversification


Diversification is a valuable and useful quality to have in business. Being able to tap into an alternative, new revenue stream is a means of building resilience and exploring new avenues for growth.


Relying on fixed income streams can create dependency, or even complacency. And while many businesses will survive into a second year of trading, four in ten don’t make it to five years.


Businesses that fail to launch new initiatives or explore new markets, or feel too constrained to do this, are more vulnerable. If their main income stream dries up, how will they manage their outgoings?


Diversifying your revenue streams is a good way of protecting your company’s future.



Horizontal or Vertical?


By offering a new service, you can compete in ways you might not have first anticipated. Diversification can be either:


  • Horizontal – adding a new service or product that appeals to your existing customer base, or
  • Vertical – jumping into an entirely new market segment.


The flexibility of VoIP reselling means that it can work for either horizontal or vertical diversification.


If you are an existing provider of IT support services, you could add VoIP to what you offer your customers.


This would fit logically with IT services such as internet connectivity, data management, storage and backup, business continuity and cloud migration.


Or, if you are an entrepreneur with a portfolio of enterprises, becoming a VoIP reseller presents an ideal opportunity to build a business in a new sector, diversifying vertically.


Because modern, reliable and cost-effective communications solutions are so fundamental to business in general, VoIP can work as part of a portfolio of services across a broad range of industries and sectors.



What Makes VoIP In Demand?


VoIP is the key unlocking recurring revenue and it is very much an in-demand service. It compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 28% between 2016 and 2020. The future roll-out of 5G will only further increase demand for VoIP.


There are now specific trends driving adoption of VoIP services by a wide range of businesses and organisations:


  • Remote working – the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend that was already well underway, and VoIP provides the tools businesses need to adapt their ways of working, and build resilience


  • Increased cloud adoption – more and more enterprises are realising the benefits of using cloud-based applications and systems, from fundamentals such as accounting to specialised, bespoke apps


As more businesses and organisations change how they work, and as confidence in the cloud grows, VoIP is in the perfect position to become a preferred means of communication.


Then as a VoIP reseller, you are in the right place, strategically, to provide these services.



More Return for Less Effort


As a VIP VoIP reseller, you earn money every month from the continuing service charges your customers pay. This ticks the recurring revenue box.


This is on top of what you earn from your sales of equipment and installation services.


With our reseller proposition, you don’t need to tie your customers into long-term contracts. The benefits of the system speak for themselves. VoIP builds customer loyalty organically. We enjoy customer retention rates of over 97%.


This is loyalty you can harness directly for your business and your brand. We can offer VoIP as a white label service, so for all customer-facing parts of the platform you have the option of applying your own branding.


This is an ideal and practical means of integrating VoIP to your portfolio of services seamlessly.


You do not need an upfront investment, we supply you with the equipment, and we also offer pre-sales consultancy advice.


Information and communications are dynamic and growing areas of the economy, and VoIP offers plenty of opportunity for new, agile businesses that can offer their customers cost-effective, reliable, flexible and scalable solutions.



New Revenue and Added Value


Becoming a specialist VoIP reseller can provide you with a new revenue stream. However it can also help you increase your customer base by offering value-added services.


You can tailor these service services according to individual customer needs. Especially if your customers require it, we can develop bespoke interfaces for you to provide to them.


These customer relationships you build are yours to manage. Plus you get to decide your own pricing policies and retail call rates.


What we will continue to give you is our expert and efficient technical support and the benefit of our experience. The whole point is to make it easy for you to build your own VoIP business with our help.


For more information about becoming a VoIP reseller & unlocking that new revenue stream, please give us a call on 03300881182, email us at or fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.