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Becoming a Business VoIP Provider

As an authorised reseller, you become a business VoIP provider, and this is the perfect opportunity to either launch your own enterprise, or add new services to your portfolio.


Becoming a VIP VoIP reseller gives you the best of both worlds:


  • You get all the technical support you need and the means to launch yourself as a business VoIP provider, and


  • You can set your own pricing policies, grow and maintain your own customer relationships, and even brand the service how you want.



Understand your Customers


The first thing you need to know is what your customers want. Before you become a VoIP reseller, you must consider your market, and what solutions your customers will be looking for.


What you’re likely to find is that they aren’t simply looking for VoIP. What they need are ways of improving their business.


That’s what you’re selling them.


It’s therefore important to look at the potential business objectives your customers will have, such as:


  • Growing their revenue
  • Improving the experience of their customers
  • Making their business more efficient
  • Supporting remote or mobile working.


Along with business objectives, your customers are likely to have various pain points, which you should look to address with your VoIP offering.


These pain points include:


  • Limited resources
  • A small workforce
  • Lack of capital
  • Inflexible telephony
  • Inadequate communications.


As a business VoIP provider, you may not be addressing all these pain points, but each of them can act as a powerful driver for businesses adopting VoIP.


In marketing, the emphasis is on benefits before features. What you’re offering is a business solution first. VoIP provides the set of tools to make this solution work.



Look at Pricing and Service Levels


When you become a VIP VoIP reseller, you’re very much in control of your pricing. This includes the retail call rates you’ll charge your customers.


As with any enterprise, controlling your costs is essential, and pricing is a fundamental part of this.


But also remember that while pricing is important, it can’t be the sole basis for how you compete for business.


You cannot afford a race to the bottom. What your focus should be on is providing an excellent level of service. Yes, your pricing needs to be attractive, but what it should reflect is the expertise and attentiveness you can offer businesses that are looking for the right answers.


If you really want to differentiate yourself in the VoIP marketplace, you must build trust. To do this, you need to develop good relationships with your customers.




Grow Your Relationships


How profitable your VoIP reseller business becomes will depend largely on the strength of the relationships you grow.


The beauty of the white label model of VoIP reselling, where you put your own identity on it, is that you have the freedom to shape your own business. This allows you to set the tone of how you communicate with your customer base.


Remember, the customer experience is essential in competing effectively as a VoIP reseller.



Maximise the VoIP Reseller Opportunity


With the right service provider supporting you, becoming a business VoIP provider is the perfect opportunity to generate a whole new source of revenue for yourself.


The flexibility that is built-in to the VIP VoIP reseller proposition means that you can shape your own business as a VoIP provider. But you don’t have to feel you’re out on a limb.


It doesn’t require an upfront investment from you, and there are no minimum sales targets you need to meet to qualify as a reseller.


What you do get is the equipment you need to launch your VoIP business, and excellent technical support. Where you need it, VIP VoIP can also develop bespoke interfaces to meet your customers’ specific requirements.


You decide on the basis of how you’ll win work and serve your customers. There aren’t any conditions that will mean you must tie them into long-term contracts.


The whole point is to make it easy for you to market and sell VoIP, and for your customers to get the best out of this technology.



Consider Your Strategy


How should you start out as a VoIP reseller? We’ve talked about understanding your customers and developing an approach to customer service that will differentiate you.


Depending on your business set-up, there are various ways of putting things into practice.


If, for example, you’re already an IT provider, you could add VoIP to the services you already offer. You could include it as a part of a packaged proposition, alongside a hosted backup service, or ultra-fast broadband.


Or you could focus on a vertical marketing model, marketing and selling VoIP to a specific customer group, such as professional services, or vehicle hire companies. Occupying a niche can be a highly effective way of building a profitable VoIP business.


VoIP has certain inherent benefits, but it also has plenty of added features, which you can upsell. These include virtual and marketing landlines, hosted switchboards and virtual conference calls.



Are You Ready to Resell VoIP?


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