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Can You Use a VoIP Phone When At Home?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has built a formidable reputation as a dynamic and cost-effective alternative to more traditional workplace phone systems. But there’s nothing restricting the  benefits of VoIP to office use: you can use a VoIP phone from your home.

This liberates you from your landline, and provides you with plenty of flexible options for how you use your phone connection.

Also, with working from home now an established facet of working life, having a home VoIP phone brings the benefits and features of modern office communications to your doorstep, including call handling, call recording and diverts.

How VoIP Works

Basically, VoIP involves making phone calls over the internet, rather than a traditional landline. VoIP translates analogue voice signals into digital signals to do this.

The technology that drives VoIP works by dividing information into small packets, which data networks can then transfer between connecting devices.

VoIP reassembles this information to the receiver at the end of the line.

Sending these packets is a rapid process, and internet connectivity means that they can reach most parts of the world.

What it boils down to is this: if you’ve got a broadband connection, you can use a VoIP phone system from home.

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How Do You Set up VoIP at Home?

You can set up VoIP at home for various digital devices, but you can also do it for a conventional phone handset.

If you want to use an existing device for VoIP at home, the basics you need to set this up are:

  • A smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, and
  • A broadband connection.

Each of these devices has its own internet protocol, or IP. This is an address that allows a device to communicate with other devices over the internet.

You can then use various apps to take advantage of VoIP calling technology, such as:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • WhatsApp

For example, if you use WhatsApp to make a call to someone, rather than to send a text to them, then in effect you’re using VoIP.

But you can take this further, and set up a dedicated VoIP phone for use at home, using your landline phone.

Setting up a VoIP Phone at Home

To set up a phone for home use with VoIP, you will need to contact a VoIP service provider.

They will provide you with a VoIP server, phone adaptor and the necessary adjustments you need to make to connect your home hardware.

Connecting your landline phone to a VoIP adaptor can vary, depending on the specific model. But this is a straightforward process.

Some adaptors will work by going between your modem and your router or computer. Others will plug directly into your router.

The adaptor will connect either via an ethernet cable or wi-fi.

You will also need to connect your phone to the adaptor. There will be a port on the adaptor for this, labelled phone 1 or line 1.

Connect the adaptor, connect your phone to it then power up. Now you have your home VoIP phone.

Like a router, you will need to keep your VoIP adaptor switched on all the time. This will give you an uninterrupted VoIP phone service.

What About Call Quality?

Before committing yourself to VoIP at home for your phone, you should make sure you have a good internet connection that is capable of giving you good call quality.

You should have a functional bandwidth capable of supporting your VoIP needs, but as a home user, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if necessary, your trusted VoIP provider should be able to help with tips for optimising your bandwidth and ensuring the best possible performance from your system.

What Are the Benefits of a Home VoIP Phone?

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy by setting up a home VoIP phone, including flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

You’re no longer tied to a landline, when you use VoIP, which makes the system scalable and adaptable.

If, for example, you’re using VoIP for business purposes but working from home, you can route or transfer calls to any device. This is incredibly useful if you want to use your business number but access it via your smartphone, when you’re on the move.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, VoIP can prove to be a highly competitive and economic option.

And then there are various call features that come with VoIP, including call handling and call recording.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a sophisticated but simple-to-use commercial phone system in your own home.

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