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How Important are Phone System Christmas Music and Messages?

How Important are Phone System Christmas Music and Messages?


Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand personality by making use of the festive feelgood factor. Meanwhile, VoIP has plenty of features to help managing calls and dealing with customers easier.


Put these two together and you can harness the power of VoIP to deliver seasonal messages and an overall positive sense of the season to your customers.



Why Your Christmas Messages Matter


It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that people like feeling good. It’s also a fact that during Christmas, this coincides with very busy periods, especially when those phones start ringing.


Being properly Christmas-prepared isn’t only about covering for when people are out of the office, or diverting numbers so customers can get the information they need.


It’s also about being in tune with the season, and reflecting its overall mood in how your brand presents itself.


According to research, people in the UK are crying out for festive cheer this Christmas.


With the prospect of a lockdown Christmas as the culmination of what has been a very difficult year for most people, anything that lightens the mood is welcome:


  • 47% of people want Christmas ads to make them feel happy, and
  • 25% have started their Christmas shopping early.


And although there is a degree of uncertainty from consumer brands about how to approach Christmas, the need for some sort of positivity is an opportunity worth taking for all enterprises.


Christmas isn’t just a holiday period, it’s a whole build-up, but this year is different, for obvious reasons.


For the majority of us get-togethers and office parties leading up to the holiday break are definitely not on the agenda.


This makes reinforcing the feelgood factor of Christmas all the more important wherever we can.


Using Christmas-themed music and messages on your phone system is the perfect way to tap into the spirit of the season, and even to give it a much-needed boost.



The Importance of the Happy Caller


If you keep the caller happy, they’re more likely to be a satisfied customer. Dead time isn’t good on the phone, when someone is waiting to be transferred, which is why music plays such a critical role.


Obviously, getting this music right is important! Christmas is an opportunity for your choice of music to reflect the time of year.


Now here’s the important part, it shouldn’t just be any old Christmas music. If you’re going to commit to this, then think seriously about how the music you use is an extension of your brand.


Just as every family has its own version of Christmas, even if it shares certain things in common with others, so your Christmas music should work with your identity in its tone and content.


For example, should it include singing or just be instrumental? How traditional or modern? Are carols appropriate for your business and its customers?


Be wise in your selection, because certain music can become irritating if it’s repeated too much, and Christmas tunes don’t escape this.


The aim should always be to keep the caller happy.


And even if your brand is a bit quirky or even edgy, resist the temptation to go for a Marmite choice of Christmas ditty – people may love it or hate it, but really you’re better off not evoking extreme reactions of any kind.


Remember: your Christmas music isn’t supposed to be the main focus of your customer’s call. It’s there to evoke a mood and keep them happy. However you don’t want it to be the only thing they remember afterwards.



What Should Your Christmas Phone Messages Say?


Keep your Christmas messages brief but sincere. Don’t overdo it, and, as with Christmas music, don’t make it leftfield or challenging.


The idea of using Christmas-themed messages and music is to demonstrate that you’re connected with your audience and its mood.


And do include useful information, such as:


  • Days your buseiness closed over Christmas
  • Changes to your hours of operation
  • Where to reach someone in an emergency
  • Website details for useful information and advice
  • Any offers you’re making over the holiday period


Then don’t forget to add your Christmas wishes.