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Contacts Integration with Microsoft 365

VIP VoIP’s platform can now be integrated with the seamless platform functionality of Microsoft 365. Contacts can be synced directly with our apps.
Contact Sync eliminates the need to add contacts manually. Our system can pull contacts from 365 and also push contacts back into 365. Managing contacts from one place and calling them from anywhere boosts productivity, efficiency, and convenience. Syncing personal contacts from Microsoft 365 offers the best of both worlds. You are able to manage your personal and professional contacts from a central point through 365 and call your synced contacts from anywhere at any time directly through our apps.

Our platform can fetch contacts from other CRM systems as well. You can make and receive calls on the go from your CRM. Never miss a call with a prospect and get the full context before any conversation when you sync your contacts with the VIP VoIP apps and enjoy all the features we have on offer. Get in touch with us if you want contacts fetched from your own CRM.

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