Reseller Portal


We have developed a new feature that allows Call Data Records (CDRs) from the system to be automatically exported each day to an FTP server. This is useful for resellers who use billing software that can import CDRs.

We can provide you with detailed CDR files, in CSV format, for each of your customers, so that you can import them into third-party billing tools. We store a record in the CDR file for each outbound call, it contains:

Date & Time stamp
Source telephone number
Destination telephone number
Call duration in seconds
Our calculated retail price of the call

We calculate the retail price of each call from the tariff which you have defined for the customer. If you have not specified a tariff for the customer, we apply our standard price-per-minute tariff by default.

We make CDRs files available daily, for download via FTP.

Please contact our support team at 03300881394 / or by clicking the Whatsapp chat icon on our website if you would like more information about downloading and processing our CDR files.

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