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How Can AI Improve VoIP?


Artificial Intelligence or AI is here. It isn’t the scary future we all saw in the movies, but it is a seriously useful tool for automating and streamlining processes and business functions. AI can and does improve VoIP massively, which in turn improves business functions.

AI improves VoIP through the following benefits:

  • Cut down on diary admin
  • Answer common questions quickly
  • Tailored customer service
  • Improved conferencing facilities

Now, we aren’t saying VoIP isn’t amazing. It makes telecoms slick, controlled, high quality and cost-effective. Not only that, but it introduces a lot of features that ordinary telephone lines don’t, such as call recording and conference features.

But there aren’t many things that can’t be improved, especially when technology is involved!

If you are considering becoming a VoIP reseller and adding a high quality VoIP services to your existing IT and telecoms services, you might be interested in how AI can benefit your customers.

In this blog, we will explore how AI can improve VoIP services for businesses who rely on their telecoms for sales and productivity.

Read on to find out more!


Cut Down On Diary Admin

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems can be used to increase productivity and improve customer service.

Just consider how much time we lose arranging appointments, updating diaries, and writing down contact details. When you add it all up for each person in the company, it is likely to be weeks lost.

This becomes even more complicated when the meeting is between more than two people. Who hasn’t spent days going back and forth trying to find a suitable time for everyone?

AI improves VoIP by accessing internal diaries to automatically add in appointments and coordinate availability based on what it hears in the phone call. This cuts down the amount of diary admin required by a company’s staff.

AI can also be used to suggest meeting attendees based on their skills, strengths, knowledge and seniority. Ensure the right people are in the right room at the right time!

Answer Common Questions Quickly

IVR is also fantastic for answering common questions from customers without them ever having to speak to a customer service agent.

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service will know there are some questions that crop up time and again.

Imagine how much time and money you will save if you can have an intelligent yet automated voice speaking to customers!

A customer can speak directly to the IVR software and ask follow up questions. If the IVR software cannot handle the question effectively or thoroughly enough, the customer can be routed through to an appropriate person in the call centre.

It saves your customers from having to listen to an endless automated message or being redirected to your website, both of which can be irritating.

Answering common questions directly and intelligently through AI improves your customer service and is run through VoIP.

Tailored Customer Service

By using speech recognition software, AI can analyse speech patterns in a customer’s voice before routing them through to the right person.

Once the AI software has identified how angry, pleased, anxious, or irritated a caller is, it will communicate with the VoIP software to route the call through to the most appropriate person.

For example, it might be that the most senior customer service person takes all of the angriest customers.

The approach to the customer service process is tailored entirely to the person who is calling every time, meaning the customers are far more satisfied.

Improved Conferencing Capabilities

Forgetting dealing with customers for a moment, AI can improve VoIP by offering slick conferencing facilities.

2020 has become the year of the video conference, amongst other things. Businesses all over the world are embracing the benefits of utilising technology to pull stakeholders and employees together cheaply, quickly, and conveniently.

AI can improve VoIP conferencing by firstly ensuring the right people are in the virtual room, scheduling diaries, as we discussed above.

But AI can also offer automatic translations. Imagine being able to instantly understand customers, stakeholders, and partners around the globe.

Not only that but AI will also be able to offer intelligent prompts to the conversation to ensure it stays on track. It will automatically share data with the other people on the conference and ensure everyone can see it.

Long winded, technically fraught conference calls will be a thing of the past!

VoIP Is Already Great

There can be no denying that VoIP is already a pretty amazing business tool.

Businesses can scale up and down their telecoms, it is cheaper, more reliable, and provides better quality calls for businesses.

Connections are fast and many businesses adore the added benefits.

Wallboards can automatically show essential call statistics. Hunt groups can be defined so a customer is never left waiting for long before getting to the right person. Calls can be recorded.

There are so many benefits to VoIP many telecoms and IT professionals add it into their services.

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