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What Are The Benefits Of Hosted VoIP?

If you are a VoIP reseller you will no doubt be shouting the benefits of hosted VoIP from the rooftops.

You already see the big advantages of VoIP and convincing others of them will mean big sales for your business.

And plenty of VoIP reseller sales mean a fantastic passive income with very little effort on your part.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 benefits of hosted VoIP to help you land the sales.

1.      Easier To Manage

Because the phone line is virtual, hosted VoIP eliminates the need for messing about with the cabling woes traditional phone lines require. Phones can be places wherever the business requires, rather than where the cabling and ports allow for.

Not only that but because the line is hosted, your client won’t have to get involved with servers. Perfect for businesses who don’t have their own IT manager or server room.

2.      Keep The Same Number

One of the big benefits of VoIP is that the phone number never has to change, whether your client is moving offices down the road, to a new city, or even to another country.

Changing the phone number is a big deal for businesses. It is on business cards, websites, merchandise, stored in phones, on post-it notes in customer’s kitchens…the list is endless. Being able to keep the same number eliminates all that hassle and cost associated with switching numbers.

3.      Scalable

Businesses change size. Sometimes, up, sometimes down. Sometimes staff are redeployed to another department and more phone lines are needed.

A big benefit of hosted VoIP is that the number of phone lines available can be easily increased or decreased without having to pay for additional lines or go through cabling up a new phone and adding ports.

4.      Additional Features

VoIP comes with a wide range of additional features.

Call centre features allow your customers to see call metrics, such as calls waiting, calls handled, and calls dropped, displayed proudly on wallboards.

Call recording is extremely useful for training and appraising staff. More than that though, in some sectors, call recording is a legal or industry requirement. Being able to offer call recording at no extra cost is a huge benefit of hosted VoIP and will certainly aid the selling process.

5.      Cost Efficient

Most sectors, such as care homes, need several phone lines without wanting several numbers or the cost of line rental on each individual phone line.

VoIP is an extremely cost-efficient way of having several available lines in and making calls. Because the calls are made over the internet, the cost is similar to broadband. This means savings can be passed on to your clients.

6.      Better Training

Training staff to handle calls in line with company standards has never been easier with VoIP. Being able to ‘Whisper’ to staff, or ‘Barge’ into their calls allows training managers to effectively train their staff.

When you are selling your VoIP service, one of the big benefits of hosted VoIP you should mention is call recording. This allows staff and training managers to listen back to calls and identify areas for improvement and key strengths.

7.      Better Customer Service

When customers ring a call centre or business, they want a prompt and efficient answer. A hosted VoIP solution allows for call waiting, hunt groups, and speedy connections.

This means your client is never keeping their customers waiting for long.

Hunt groups mean the next available person can answer the phone instead of waiting in a queue for a specific person to answer. This reduces call waiting times and leads to happier customers.

8.      Integrates With Other Platforms

A huge benefit of hosted VoIP is that it integrates with other platforms.

For example, phone calls can be transcribed into an email. This can be very handy when dealing with customer complaints, as clarity and accountability are vital when dealing with disputes.

Another benefit of VoIP is that calls made can be recorded in a CRM system. This enables sales teams to properly utilise a customer base by calling people who have not had any contact for a while and being able to follow on a conversation had with a colleague.

The integration possibilities are vast. Why not give us a call to find out more?

9.      Flexibility

The flexibility of hosted VoIP is such a big benefit to your clients.

Phones can be moved within an office building, allowing for hotdesking and expansion or reduction of team sizes.

Calls can be diverted to mobile phones, too. This enables your team to handle calls wherever they are. Ideal if they are working from home or travelling. And the customer need never know!

Calls can also be diverted to the next person in the hunt group if one person in a team has taken a lot of calls, is on a break, or is absent.

10. Future Proof

The final benefit on our list, but by no means the final benefit of hosted VoIP, is that hosted VoIP is future proof.

Because the platform is managed by us remotely, you don’t need to worry about doing complicated or individual upgrades to systems and software.

This is easier for you, but also better for your customer. Their lines are secured, and their software upgraded with no fuss of interruption to their business.

Want More Advice?

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