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Integration with Cab9

Cab9 is a comprehensive and streamlined dispatch solution with fully featured driver and passenger apps that seamlessly integrate with the workflow. Cab9 has been developed after consulting with industry experts and investing time to understand the end-to-end processes in a busy dispatch office. It was developed from the ground up to answer real issues ground transport companies face.

Cab9 is designed to make the entire dispatch process, from initial booking to dispatching the right driver, a simple and effortless one. The system has been designed as a robust and complete solution for managing any size of ground transport business and is configurable to match any business workflow. Using algorithms that take into account several customizable factors to ensure the right driver is dispatched to the right job. The dispatch system creates a real-time plot around every booking and assesses live driver queues to assign the best driver. This way, clients never wait too long and the drivers benefit from queue fairness.

The industry-leading iOS & Android passenger app offers a smooth transaction from booking to payment. This provides high customer satisfaction, enabling the company to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Mobile booking has never been so simple.

Drivers are at the heart of a ground transport dispatch business and the driver app reflects this. Available on iOS & Android, simple to use and understand, the driver app keeps valuable information in hand. Allows drivers to view their bookings and earnings built on the intuitive dashboard, keeping them engaged with the company.

Cab9 is always looking for ways to improve the service they offer, and their third-party integrations increase visibility, efficiency, and client pool. VIP VoIP has the best integration with Cab9 out of all VoIP platforms in the UK. VIP VoIP’s phone system also integrates with all the popular dispatch management systems, including Autocab, Cab Despatch, Cab Treasure, CMS, Coded Data, Cordic, iCabbi, Marandy, MT-Data, Onde app, Onro, Sherlock, TBMS and TM Infosys.