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Is Your Telephone System Ready for The Christmas Holidays?

Christmas is almost upon us and for any of you operating businesses over the Christmas holidays and New Year, you will already know how important it is that your customers are looked after in terms of sales and support. A robust telephone solution should be firmly on your Christmas wish list this year!

How VoIP Can Help Your Business Over Christmas

These days your customers need to be able to connect with you on an almost daily basis, at whatever time of day it is and regardless of festive holidays. Now is the time to make sure that your telephone systems can handle one of the busiest times of year.

If your current telephone system isn’t up to the job of handling large volumes of calls or coping with closing times, then you may want to think about a VoIP phone system.

How exactly can VoIP help you out over the holidays?

Busy periods

  • Set up call queuing with hold music or estimated wait time.
  • Record messages giving information to customers on how else they can solve their query, your website, for example, or an email address.
  • Change your configuration to help you manage reduced business hours.
  • Set diverts for reduced hours.

Closing business

  • Set automated holiday messages – for example a short message to say that your business is closed and what date you will be reopen in the new year.
  • Update receptionist greetings before Christmas to remind callers of your Christmas hours.
  • Set up call diverts for employees who will be working from home answering calls.

Flexible working

  • Divert calls to your home or your employees.
  • Divert to mobiles if you are travelling over Christmas or going on holiday.
  • Keep call costs low as those working from home can still communicate with the office.
  • Video conferencing from home.

The key here is that a VoIP telephone system is extremely flexible. No matter what hours you are open over the holidays, or where in the world your employees are, a VoIP phone system can be configured to work for you and you customers.

Dedicated Support

The truly great things about a VoIP solution, like ours, is the top-class support that comes with your phone system.

We understand that your business needs to be operational at all hours and over the holidays and our support service underpins that.

Christmas is busy enough without having to worry about something like a phone outage. When you choose a supplier like us, if you do experience any downtime, we can move quickly to resolve the problem and get you back up and running.

Get in Touch

If you need any help with your phone system or wan to discuss how VoIP could help your business, please get in touch and we would be happy to advise you and give you a quote.

We can get most clients set up and running in no time, meaning you could soon be enjoying the many features and cost savings that a VoIP solution could bring to your business.

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