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New Year, New Phones!


Now that we are at the end of January and your business has got back into the swing of things, you will probably be looking for ways to improve your systems and how things work.

If you came back from the Christmas holidays and found that your phone systems had been a nightmare, or you struggled with an efficient way of routing calls over the holidays, then 2019 might just be the year you make some changes.

The beginning of the year is a great time to think about how well your current telephone system is working for you, and what other options are out there; VoIP systems for example.

Considering VoIP in 2019?

Is your current phone system holding your business back from communicating effectively? January is a great time to review your business systems and processes and that includes looking at the way you currently communicate.

If you don’t already have a VoIP phone system in place, or you have a system that just isn’t working for you then think about making the switch this year and get a competitive deal.

Demand for VoIP is set to soar even further this year; an article in the Independent at the start of the year by Ofcom, the death of the landline, says that even homeowners have done with analogue landlines.

Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator says that people in the UK use landlines for only half the time they did in 2012. This drop in demand is because of the ability people now have to make voice and video calls, via the internet. They go on to speculate that the landline will eventually become obsolete.

So, if the general public have realised the benefits of voice calling, then is it time businesses got on board too?

Many have; at the last estimate, 40% of UK companies had switched to VoIP. However, the number of small businesses using VoIP was only around 20%. Likely because many SME owners assume, incorrectly, that the switch to VoIP may be costly. We wrote about this in a previous article; is VoIP suitable for small businesses?

Whether you are a small or larger business, VoIP can save you money and help you communicate effectively in 2019, and beyond.

Why VoIP?

Just in case you needed a reminder of the reasons for switching to VoIP, here are our top three:

  1. Cost savings

The biggest incentive to switch to VoIP is the money you may be able to save. After the initial set up costs, you can expect to be able to make as many calls, video calls and even international calls for pennies.

  1. Additional features

Many providers, including us, offer systems that offer a wide range of additional VoIP features, such as call handling and multi-site capacity. Essential for any business, these features can often be much costlier and more complicated to set up when you use a traditional phone system.

  1. Convenience

Finally, VoIP is just a much more convenient way for your business to communicate. Convenient for your employees to contact each other, and customers. A VoIP service isn’t tied to a desk – employees can use their phone number wherever they are, even out on the road. If there is an internet connection, you all have the freedom to stay in touch, no matter where you are.


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