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Start a voip business – what do you need?

There are several things you need to consider if you are planning how to start a VoIP business or add to your existing services.

A VoIP business can be lucrative, whether you are providing it exclusively or as a bolt on to other telephony or IT services.

VoIP can give you a recurrent income stream. Not only do you bill monthly, but once companies have it, many find they can’t live without.

But exactly how do you set up a VoIP business? As leading VoIP reseller experts we have put together an easy 4 point plan to help you set up.


1) Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is understand what the benefits of VoIP are. Not only will this help you pinpoint a market to target but you will be able to sell much more effectively and authentically.

Our blog on things a VoIP reseller needs to know is a good place to start.

Establish how VoIP can benefit a potential client, how secure it is and how it can dovetail into existing technology.

Other than that, you can pretty much leave the technical nitty gritty to us. By partnering with a VoIP reseller like VIPVoIP, you can rest assured that we will deal with all the technical details for you. All you have to do is sell!

2) Decide Your VoIP Service Offering

Another essential part of establishing how to set up a VoIP business is to decide what exactly you want to offer people.

Do you want to offer a full end to end IT and telephone consulting service?

Or, is there quite a lot of competition in your local area doing that? If so, you might be better targeting companies who already have an existing IT service, be that in house or external. These companies might just want the telephony service.

Perhaps you want to wrap the VoIP services in with general telephony and sales advice consultancy. Many businesses struggle to deal with a sudden upturn in demand or need a robust business continuity plan. Are you the person to guide them through the processes involved and offer VoIP as a solution?

3) Add The Value

When planning how to start a VoIP business, as with any business, a crucial step is to consider your added value.

Most entrepreneurs know the more value you can add, the more sales you make.

It might be that your added value is something tangible or technological. Apps, dedicated marketing hotlines, geo-located phone numbers, and emergency phone lines are all added extras that you could consider offering.

Or you might decide to make your added value service driven. For example, better SLAs, a bespoke service, or price driven competitiveness.

Do your research on what else is on the market in your area and find your niche.

4) Choose a VoIP Reseller Provider

Unless you want to do all the grunt work yourself, choosing a VoIP reseller provider is an important step in planning your VoIP business.

Pick one that helps you deliver your core services and your added value.

Here at VIPVoIP we use our expertise to your advantage. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to set up and run a VoIP business.

We won’t tie you into a long term contract. Our customer retention rate is 97% because they want to be here, not because we force them to be.

What’s more, there is no investment cost and you don’t have to hit minimum sales targets. You brand up the businesses as your own, you have the client relationships, you set your own pricing and rates.

We provide the kit, the presales consultation and the technical support to help you earn a recurrent income off your VoIP business.

You also get access to all our resources and guides, and a client portal.

It is the perfect partnership!

Need Help To Start A VoIP Business?

If you want to start a VoIP business, or add VoIP to your existing services, get in touch with us. We have over a decade of experience helping people just like you set up and successfully run their own VoIP businesses.

We have also provided VoIP ourselves for many years, so we know how to sell and how to deliver a fantastic service.

We would be happy to chat and offer advice, whatever stage of the planning process you are in.

Get in touch with us on 03300881182, email or contact us here.