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Can VoIP Improve Wellbeing In The Workplace?


We have written before about how a VoIP system can help your business, both by saving costs and the many benefits of the technology VoIP provide. But you might not know that VoIP can improve wellbeing in the workplace as well.

Read on and we will show you how it can…

Flexible Working Through VoIP

Some workers enjoy working in an office environment for 5 days a week. For others, having to be at their desk every day can be stressful or exacerbate existing medical conditions.

Having a long commute or drive every day has been shown to raise stress levels and decrease productivity. A stressed employee is not a productive or happy employee!

With the popularity of flexible working increasing, many companies are offering a more flexible work routine for their staff.

For example, rather than a long drive on a snowy day, where they may find the journey takes longer and is more stressful, they could have the option of working from home. Along with improving the wellbeing of staff, it could also increase productivity.

If a member of staff needs to have time off for a medical appointment it also means they can work from home instead of having to take sick leave or holiday.

VoIP improves wellbeing in this situation by enabling employees to work from any location. They can use the same phone number, rather than having to issue mobile or home numbers to clients. This has means clients wouldn’t know that they weren’t speaking to your business headquarters and safeguards your employee’s personal information.

VoIP Voice To Text

One other great way VoIP improves workplace wellbeing is through a voice to text function. If a member of staff was driving to an appointment or in a meeting it can turn a voicemail into an email. This takes the added work and stress of having to listen to voicemails when they are driving or on a busy, noisy street.

This allows for a more consistent and professional image for any existing or new clients and prevents vital details being lost in translation through a voicemail.

VoIP Video Conferencing

It isn’t always easy to get all the people required for a meeting in one room together, so telephone conference calls, and these days, video conference calls, have become accepted and indeed often encouraged as a way of communicating with staff and clients.

With VoIP technology, video calls are easy to arrange, and the audio and visual quality is consistently high.

This makes coordinating meetings less complicated and staff can take part from the comfort of their own living rooms, or wherever they happen to be.

Staff who work remotely can often feel isolated and disconnected from the business as a whole. At best, this makes your staff member less loyal and productive. At worst, this can lead to feelings of stress, depression, or even anxiety. VoIP improves wellbeing at work by allowing your team members to connect, wherever they are.

Managing Workloads with VoIP

Sometimes, the first a manager knows that a worker is not coping with their workload is when a major problem occurs, or the worker takes time off because of the stress caused.

VoIP communication systems allow for call data to be monitored and analysed, making the management of workloads more efficient, taking the burden off employees and making the process much more proactive, not reactive.

You can see if one staff member is taking significantly more calls that another and change the phone ringing order to correct it.

VoIP for Healthcare

One more way that a VoIP system could help improve the wellbeing of workers is how they are now used in the healthcare sector.

Video conference appointments are now starting to be more widely used, whether for a session with a therapist or even with a G.P.

This makes treatment much more accessible for anyone struggling to find time to get to a doctor’s surgery or have to arrange a trip to see a therapist.

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So, as you can see VoIP systems are even evolving outside of traditional business office use into the health care industry to help both medical professionals and those requiring help and treatment.

Here at VIP VoIP, we offer a fully comprehensive and supported VoIP reseller business. If helping businesses improve their wellbeing through a superior VoIP system is something you are interested in, please get in touch. Please call us for more info on 03300 881 182, email, or go to our online enquiry form.