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Top Business Phone Line Providers (It Could Be You!)

At VIP VoIP we’ve been in the business of selling phone lines, VoIP, and telecoms for many years and know a thing or two when it comes to the best business phone line providers and systems.

We make no secret of the fact that when it comes to business phone lines, we heartily recommend a VoIP telephone system.

There are tonnes of options to choose from when it comes to phone lines, including standard lines, single and multiple lines, and ISDN lines. There are just as many companies providing these services too. However, where there is decent internet service, we are always going to recommend a VoIP system as opposed to traditional business lines.

As a VoIP reseller, you might often get asked which is the best phone line provider or how you compare against the competition – part of your job as a reseller is to figure out your place in the market and how you can become recognised as a top business phone line provider.

The Big Business of Phone Lines

There are hundreds of business phone line providers in the UK and as one of those companies, or even if you offer phone lines as part of your service, you’ve got to somehow measure up against the competition and find your place in the market.

That can be easier said than done when you’re competing against huge, household names. As a VoIP reseller, you’ve also got the additional job of convincing customers to not only use your company for their phone line but that they specifically want a VoIP system.

No easy job!

A quick Google of ‘best business phone line providers’ and you can see the type of competition you are up against.

With that in mind, how do you convince customers that YOU provide the best business phone lines?

Get Competitive as a Reseller


If you’ve got this far, we’re going to assume you’re a VoIP reseller or are interested in becoming a VoIP reseller or adding VoIP onto your existing offering. Naturally, you want to make your business a success and to do that you need to successfully convince customers that your offering is their number one choice when it comes to a phone solution.

Here at VIP VoIP, we provide VoIP solutions directly to clients, but what we excel at is helping others to sell VoIP. We know the market inside out and how competitive it is – that means we’ve also learnt what customers are looking for.

We can help you become a top business line provider – so long as you’re willing to put in the work at your end too!

Here are just a few basics we’ve learnt when it comes to selling VoIP:

Clear Features

With so many VoIP companies to choose between and most solutions doing roughly the same…you need to ensure your offering is crystal clear when it comes to features. For example, we make it easy for customers to find our VoIP features section and we aren’t shy about detailing everything our solution can do.


Some customers may need more information to convince them that VoIP is a good option. Be persuasive when it comes to selling the benefits of VoIP and how you as a VoIP provider can help their business. Read one of our previous blog posts, When Is My Business Ready For VoIP? to see how we try to spell out the benefits for customers.

Find a Niche

Some of our reseller clients have become incredibly successful by aiming to be the top business phone line provider within a certain industry. If you already know an industry, their needs, and weaknesses, then niche selling could be ideal for you. We’ve written about selling in niches before – healthcare, for example.


If you already have an established business and good relationships with clients, then adding VoIP to your services is an easy way to become a top phone line provider. You already have a load of clients sat waiting for you! VoIP is a natural add on for many types of existing companies, IT businesses, for example.

Ready to Become A Top Business Line Provider?


We hope our advice on how to become a top business phone line provider was helpful. For more advice for resellers, check our blog for regular helpful posts.

For access to even more of our top tips and best kept secrets, register now for access to our reseller resource centre.

If you would like to talk to us about becoming a reseller or have any questions, please give us a call on 03300881182.