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Benefits of VoIP Call Centres for Small-Medium Businesses

Traditional, landline-based, call centres can be very expensive to run, which for years made them an exclusive advantage for large companies that could afford such extra expenses. This is no longer the case. New VoIP technology has allowed modern businesses of all sizes to enjoy a call centre solution at a very affordable price.

VoIP is a cloud-based telephone system. Thus, you don’t need to install more physical lines in your company premise or invest in a larger office. A good internet connection and IP telephones are all you need to run an effective call centre and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Here are some of the many benefits that a VoIP call centre offers to modern businesses:

VIP VoIP Call centres benefits

Time Management and Effectiveness

VoIP call centre solution can significantly improve the communication efficiency and time management in your business. It helps your clients to reach the right person who can help the first time. Thus, avoid wasting time transferring their calls between different departments searching for the responsible person. This will not only save time for your employees but also increase your clients’ satisfaction and help your business appear in a more professional and responsible image.

Auto Attendance

VIP VoIP call centre offers an auto attendance feature, which is a voice menu that transfers incoming calls based on pre-set options to the right department without the need of a human operator.

The auto attendance feature gives your clients a better impression of your business and guides them through your different services. You can also add to the menu information about your business’ working hours, holidays or even send your clients to a voice mailbox when necessary.

Call Queuing

A call queuing feature ensures that your clients’ calls will be answered even if all the lines in your company are busy. The calls will be held on a queue waiting for the next available agent to answer them. Your clients can enjoy your choice of on-hold music and get information about how far they are on the queue and estimated waiting time.

This feature is especially important for small business which usually have a limited number of staff and can struggle at peak times to answer all incoming calls at once. You will be rest assured that you won’t lose valuable clients because all the lines were busy.

Call Recording

VIP VoIP call centre solution offers a call recording feature; a very useful tool to improve the efficiency of the work and provide a better experience for your clients. You can access the recordings easily through your online portal and also choose when not to record an incoming call in case sensitive information is being provided, such as a client’s credit card details.

Click-to-Dial from CRM Databases

This feature is for companies that have a CRM database on their computers that maintains their contact records about people and other companies. VIP VoIP call centre offers you the ability to click on a phone number directly on your computer screen and trigger a call to that person without the need to dial that number manually on your telephone. VIP VoIP system will dial that number and make the phone on your desk ring. All you need to do is pick up your handset and wait for the other person to answer.

Real-Time Call Performance Monitoring

Call performance monitoring is a vital and important tool to help improve your staff performance and make sure that your clients’ requests are answered on a timely manner. Through your VIP VoIP system, you’ll be able to get real-time statistics about:

  • How many calls your staff have answered today, this week or even this month.
  • How many calls they have made.
  • How many clients are waiting now on the queue.
  • How many calls your staff have missed, and
  • The average time your staff take to answer a call.

Training tools

VIP VoIP system offers training tools to help you ensure that your staff are providing your clients with accurate information and in a professional manner. Through these tools, you can listen to calls between your staff and clients on real time without being detected. Your end will be completely muted and you’ll have the choice of either fully joining the conversation when necessary (Barge feature) or whisper to your agent some supporting information without being heard by the client (Whisper feature).

Management Reporting

VIP VoIP offers you an online management portal in which you can track the overall performance of your phone system within any time period. You can extract accurate metrics such as, the number of incoming and outgoing calls in a specific period, the number of voicemails left on your system, the length of an individual phone call, and more. You can also access your call recording archive and download any recording to your computer.

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