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What is VoIP Click-to-Call feature?

VoIP click-to-dial or click-to-call feature is a form of web-based communication by which a user clicks directly on a phone number written on a website page and immediately places a call. This feature has evolved to facilitate communications between people and allows them to call any number they find online easily without the need to write it down or copy/paste it on their phones to make a call.

The click-to-call feature is commonly used on websites but recently it’s been increasingly used on other online communication means, such as emails, applications, blogs and videos.

How does a Click-to-call button work?

Your web developer will be able to add VoIP click-to-call button on your website by using Tel:(Phone Number) command.

When a user clicks on your phone number, the command will allow your web browser to automatically launch which ever calling software is installed on your PC, such as Viber, Skype or a specialised VoIP application.

If you are browsing from a mobile phone, your web browser will automatically pass across the phone number to your mobile for dialing without the need of any additional software.

Software to make click-to-call experience better

If you a have CRM system – or any other business software which maintains contact records about people or companies – then you might find it convenient to just click on a phone number on your computer screen to trigger a call to the person.

Our VoIP telephone system dials the number in the contact record automatically. When it finishes dialing, it will make the phone on your desk ring.  All you have to do is pick up your handset and wait for the person to answer. If you are using a soft-phone app on your computer, you would just click on the “answer” button.

We can enable click-to-dial from any software package as long as the software supplier will co-operate with us to either install our interface software or to give us access to their own interface tools.

As well as general purpose CRM applications, we can work with specialist systems for businesses such as dentists, estate agents, hotels, opticians, taxi operators and veterinary surgeries.

We also offer Firefox and Chrome add-ons that enable you to get click-to-call functionality right from your browser even if click-to-call feature has not been set up on a website.

How does click-to-call boost your marketing efforts?

Click to call feature can improve your marketing efforts and increase your sales. It gives your customers an easy way to call your business through the most convenient device for them, whether it’s a desktop or a mobile.

You will be surprised to know how many people write down a business number to call later and lose their interest before they make the call. Click-to-call feature allows potential customers to call you immediately when their interest is at its highest. As such, they are most likely to place an order or book an appointment, whatever your conversion goal is.

A click-to-call feature works 24/7 and your customers will be able to call your business at any time. With some easy configurations on your VoIP system, you can direct incoming calls after work hours to a welcome message that provides more details about your business to your customers or to a voice mailbox, encouraging them to leave their details and contact information.

You can also track which page on your website is generating the most leads by choosing a different phone number for individual pages. This is possible because VoIP allows you to get as many phone numbers as you want for your business without the need of additional physical lines. You only pay a small fee for additional number rental each month.

Best practices for using click-to-call feature

* Make sure that your website is mobile responsive so you can get the most out of your click-to-call buttons.

* Place your click-to-call button at the top of your page in a big font to make it easier for the customers to find it and click it.

* Keep the content of your web pages informative, easy to read and to encouraging for your clients to take an action and make a call.

* Make sure that your website is not heavy to load or full of large sized photos and graphics. Your customers should be able to find needed information fast and easy. This will increase their chance of making a call and purchasing your products and/or services.

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